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About Sound Tradition  (for a synopsis and pictures for publicity purposes, please click here.)

In 2006 - around an old, pine, kitchen table in a small, terraced, Suffolk house - Sound Tradition finally emerged as the best choice of name for an a cappella Traditional English folk group. For many years since, three and now four voices have been creating a sound to go with the essence of that name. Along with our search for harmonies, some joyful, some reflective, Sound Tradition have steadily whetted our audiences’ curiosity for carefully arranged and vocally embroidered traditional folksongs.

… a subtle blend of innovation within a traditional sound-scape.

Mike O’Connor

The grasping of the past is a key element in our choice and treatment of songs; when arranging our music we always do our very best to respect its heritage. Many folksongs we sing include the tradition of social commentary and, of course, others are simply about drinking beer or frolicking in the hay. During performances we like to mention the background of our material where possible – audience participation is encouraged and any additional information is welcome. Very occasionally we integrate Indian harmonium, acoustic guitar and spoons into some songs as an offering to lovers of reed, string and percussion among our audiences. Triangle and tabor are also on the agenda when the right songs eventually present themselves!

A glorious sound.

Roger Pettit, Roots and Shoots, Felixstowe Radio

Sound Tradition have had the privilege of working with some fine folk artists over the years and have supported well-known acts such as Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Chris Wood, Roy Bailey & Tony Benn, Ewan McLennan and The Crucible Trio. We are equally happy being the main act in our own right and have made frequent appearances at Ely Folk Festival - other festival bookings include Shrewsbury, Moira Furnace and Cambridge. We have also run workshops and chorus sessions whose delightful participants have always readily enjoyed and employed themselves. Two of our homemade songs have won folksong writing competitions: Morecambe Bay Cocklers at The Fastnet Maritime & Folk Festival, Bedale Acoustic Music Festival (BAMfest) and The John Birmingham Cup (Whitby), and Festival Song at The Milkmaid Folk Club (Bury St Edmunds).

Four fabulous voices from the East of England who are taking the Folk scene by storm.

Manifold Folk Gathering

We continue to grow as singers, arrangers and performers and are grateful to all our supporters, both listeners and folk event organisers. We approach our job of furthering the folk tradition with determination, passion and most of all with the immense enjoyment involved in fulfilling a vocal and cultural mission. Oh, and drinking beer.

CD album releases include Under the Moon (2012), Blackbird (2014 - Treewind) and Well Met, My Friend (2017). As part of that rare breed of Traditional English a cappella balladeers, we look forward to bringing our own brand of vocal folk music to a club or festival near you very soon.

Sound Tradition are, alphabetically:

Linda Baddeley, David Bartlett, Catherine Legg, Moose

We respectfully doff our caps to Peter Bellamy, Young Tradition, Annie Briggs, The Coppers, Steeleye Span, Johnny Collins, Mike Waterson, Walter Pardon, Harry Cox and Sam Larner – among others.