Phoebus Gold (2020)


With thanks, once again, to Chris Bullen for his skill and subtlety in recording and producing this album, and to Karen Cater, for her lovely artwork; we have taken a reference from “Betsy Bell and Mary Grey” for the title “Phoebus Gold”. This is a mix of traditional and more contemporary, of ballads and rousing choruses, and we hope you’ll welcome the opportunity to re-visit some of our earlier songs, now performed by all four of us.

Runtime: 48 Minutes



The Pick and the Malt Shovel
Bold Riley
Betsy Bell and Mary Grey
Will Ye Go to Flanders?
Roll Down
Byker Hill
Song of the Lower Classes
Close the Coalhouse Door
Green Groves
Young Banker
Daddy Fox
The Cheerful Round
Bonus Tracks:
Ladies Go Dancing
The Morecambe Bay Cocklers
Brave Wolfe