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…The title track, written by David and Linda and casting the blackbird as a slightly cynical observer of humanity, is a particular favourite of mine, and I like the sensitive harmonisation on Jim Causley’s Summer’s End. …But the whole album is a pleasure from beginning to end… You owe it to yourself to get this CD. Play it in the shower, in the bath or in the car - anywhere you can sing loudly and unrestrainedly - and join in …”    

Simon George-Kelso, Mardles Folk Magazine

Under the Moon (2012) (trio)

Thieves Song

Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth

The Morecambe Bay Cocklers

Cakes and Ale

The Young London Waterman

Summon Up the Sun


Guist Ploughman

Total running time 48 minutes

Bright Morning Star

On Yonder Hill there Sits a Hare

Silver Dagger

Brave Wolfe

The Snow it Melts the Soonest

Wondrous Love

The Ladies Go Dancing at Whitsun

Shallow Brown

Under the Moon CD


Blackbird (2014 - Treewind)

In Yonder Old Oak


French Garlands

Festival Song

New Oysters/Watercress-o

One Misty, Moisty Morning

Sally Free and Easy

John Ball

Total running time 54 minutes

Chemical Workers Song

Chicken on a Raft

Soldier, Soldier

Bold Fisherman

Summer’s End

Pace Egging

Boar’s Head Carol


Blackbird CD


Under the Moon & Well Met, My Friend package



Under the Moon has a beautiful cover illustration by Karen Cater and is the CD we recorded shortly before Moose joined us. The title is taken from a line in the song Pilgrimage by Jess Arrowsmith – a hard hitting track about the realities of war. Amongst the traditional material there’s also our home-grown song The Morecambe Bay Cocklers. This disc features solos by each of us and one of our favourite songs: Silver Dagger, inspired by The Devil’s Interval’s version and an arrangement so complete that we still sing it with just the three of us.

Well Met, My Friend  (2017)

Bold Benjamin

Of All the Birds

Hungry Child

My Johnny was a Shoemaker/Jutland


General Taylor

Travellers’ Prayer

Total running time 52 minutes

Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation

Carrying Nelson Home

The Swaffham Pedlar

Husbandman and Serving Man

Green Fields of England

Drink Old England Dry


Well Met, My Friend CD


We would like to thank the fabulous Chris Bullen for his skill and patience in recording this, our second album as a foursome. Thanks too, for permission and encouragement from Mike O’Connor and Les Sullivan, two of the writers whose brilliant songs appear on this CD.   

Under the Moon & Blackbird  package


Under the Moon & Blackbird & Well Met, My Friend package